Monthly Archives: December 2011

Bike Fit by Running

Sambo is indeed a hard lad with his 40 mile cycles into a gale.  My intentions today were more modest.  Forget the bike, as it was dark and wet and get the trainers on.  So I did, and rather enjoyed it.  A 10 mile run to boot.  Longest distance ran in quite some time.

Young Mark tells me running definitely helps your bike fitness (though not the other way around – hmm).  Anyway, 10 miles at 7.45 mins/mile with a belly full of burger.  Pretty nice.


Hard As

Boxing Day 2011.  The wind is blowing a hooly, but it has to be done.  Livingstone to Bishopton into the face of it all the way.  The die is cast.  I am up for this challenge.

Not Another Land’s End to John O’Groats Ride

I read in a cycling forum a couple of weeks back of a chap who was organising a ride from the West cost of Britain to the East coast by a long convoluted route.  He though of doing LEJOG, but decided it had been ‘done to death’.  Well not by me it hasn’t, and I cannot wait to get going!

Sitting here on a cold, dark December evening it may seem a long time until the cold, dark Summer evenings of Northern Scotland, but time will pass quickly.  I shall be ready.  What, pray tell, of the rest of our intrepid crew?

Stay with us dear reader.  This is NOT another LEJOG.  It’s OUR LEJOG.  And it’s going to be special.