(Almost Half) Team Training – Day 1

John, Sammy, Tubs and Sam’s brother David out for a training run together.  The first run for Tubs since Beallach Na Ba at the very start of October.  I don’t know if he’s over the hell he experienced that day, but we shall see.

Anyway, I had taken my bike into the shop for a quick gear tune up after replacing the front mech cable and struggling to get smooth shifting.  Next day I got the bike back.  Cost of quick tune up? £170.  In full – new front mech, jockey wheels, rear cassette, chain, bar tape (really nice and grippy) and a part for the rear brake.  It’s only money right?

Consequently, I shot off up the initial hill like a man reborn – bike functioning beautifully.  However, the rest of the chaps were already well back.  Two of them caught up quickly enough, but there was a wee concern that the 4th man had fallen back badly.  Too many german sausages for the Tubby lad – work to be done.

The route then went up and over the Crow road, which is always nice and then from Fintry towards Kippen, turning off to Arnprior on a really horrible road as we headed to Aberfoyle and on towards Drymen.  We stopped to wait for Tubs and soon enough he turned up and gave us the onwards signal – clearly he was fresh and wanted to push on so we set off knowing he was right behind us as we headed up and over to Drymen.  Sammy punctured at the top, so we fixed that and headed down into Drymen to wait for Tubs, and wait, and wait.  And wait.  It was now getting dark, my rear light had conked out, the rain was coming on heavy and it was getting really cold.  However, we were worried about our wee buddy Tubs.  Surely he didn’t go ont he main road at Aberfoyle to avoid the hills?  No he would have told us.  Eventually, we got in touch with David (who was heading home in a different direction) – he thought that Tubs was going straight on.  And finally, we got a call from Tubs – sitting in his car, getting toasty warm and claiming that his hand signal had meant that he was going a different way.  We’ll teach him a thing or two about hand signals next time we see him.

Sammy and I then pushed on for the last few miles in the dark, me with no back light, him with a pathetic front light into pouring rain and the wind in our face.  It was grand to see the wee lad sitting in his car when he rolled in.  Oh, and a happy birthday to you Tubs.  Now get yourself fit or LEJOG is going to be SORE.

A happy new year to one and all.



About myjhigh

I am the skipper of the "Do It For Dee" LEJOG team. Others may tell you this is not true. But it is so. The captain on the road, the inspiration of all.

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