Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

Jogging and Jumpers

The torrid winds of Tuesday have abated for now it seems, but it left me a bit timid when it came to commuting to work on the bike. So I didn’t. Good choice, as 5 minutes into the car journey the rain came down hard. And then promptly stopped and when light came, the day was a beauty (comparatively speaking). A chance wasted. Especially as big Sammy stole a march on me with a 30 miler on his fixie.
Not to worry. 6 miles in the evening running. Getting a feel for the jogging lark again, with another run with all miles comfortably sub 8 miles (7.35 average). Very nice.

Received some sample jerseys from Owayo earlier in the day, in a variety of sizes and styles. Pretty impressed with them. Our team have all created 2 designs each and voted for our favourite. Gio’s Italian style came to the fore and his design is what we will wear on our Lejog journey. Not as tidy as mine, but the rest of the chaps couldn’t handle the pink stripe that I incorporated.
That G design.