getting back in the saddle… nearly

ok, I’ve not been out on the bike for weeks, so feel a slight fraud posting this in the training section, but I have done some exercise. Friday, Sunday and tonight put in a 2.5mile run, my best just over 18 minutes tonight, so reckon I’m just about back on track to join the rest of the LEJOGers on wheels soon. Friday saw my Garmin Forerunner 405 die at the end of my run, so its on its way back to Amazon for a refund, and I’m having to resort to old tech – my ageing Timex Ironman – to keep tabs on my runs (and, yes, cycles when they happen).

Previous to these last 3 outings, I’ve done nothing for weeks. Excuses? Not great ones, but did have a fine bout of (suspected) norovirus between Christmas and Hogmanay – look it up if you don’t know what it is – but enough to say I wasn’t straying far from the bathroom… This knocked me for six, managing to drop 3kg and put my training back weeks. I was managing sub 45min 10km back in late Nov/Dec and had enough stamina built up on legs to just about keep up over a 30-40mile cycle. Still, the only way is up, and there’s a pre-LEJOG planning meeting cycle planned for Saturday. Something to aim for, though its looking likely that the delightful Takmadoon will feature. I’ve only been up that nasty hill once, on my first ever outing with Gio and John back in November, my first proper cycle since I was a teenager. I managed up it that time without either falling off or having to stop, but didn’t realise this cycling malarky was so unkind to your thighs! More practice on hills seems to be the only way forward. Can’t say I’m looking forward to that, but John has promised me it will get better…

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  1. Alllright big fella, don’t layer it on thick that me and Gio took you up the Tak your first time out. So we’re bad guys? No, just a little tough love that you’ll thank us for come July.
    Saw an advert on a Runner’s world email displaying a Garmin 110 (I think) for £75, down from £150. Haven’t done any research but worth a look perhaps?

  2. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… so I guess the Tak or die was a valid training technique 🙂

    I’ve been looking at the Garmin 305 (~£145) and 310XT (£215) with cycling in mind – they have a bigger screen, making them easier to read on the bike, whilst not being too chunky for wrist wearing while running. Both are a few quid more than the 405, but seem to get better reviews from users.

  3. I’ve got the 205, which I am well pleased with (a good few years since it came out). Grand design. Same as the 305 except it doesn’t have the heart rate monitor with it. Hence forth – cheaper still.

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