Everybody’s Talking ‘Bout A Sharp Dressed Man

Got some sample jerseys from the kind people at Owayo to try on for size and get a look at what an actual design looks like in the flesh.
The better looking members of the team are trying some on for size below.

The designs shown are random samples. Our LEJOG team were all asked to create a couple of designs and hen vote on the favoured option (see Jogging and Jumpers for the chosen design).

Now that Sammy (Or Mark C as he will be called for the last time here) has got some Facebook followers to the blog, let’s see what the general populace makes of the chosen option.

Have a quick look through the sample designs and vote for your favourite in the poll below.  If there is a big enough groundswell of support for a kit other than the chosen one, then perhaps a little ‘re-negotiation’ can take place with the team.

Any general comments on the kit designs or Owayo as a kit manufacturer, please feel free to drop them here.


About myjhigh

I am the skipper of the "Do It For Dee" LEJOG team. Others may tell you this is not true. But it is so. The captain on the road, the inspiration of all.

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  1. ok, I’m off to work out how many IP addresses I can vote from to fix things so I get my design to the top (muhahaha!)

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