To Turbo or Not to Turbo

is a question I was asking myself. Turbo trainers, rather than being jet-powered running shoes, are in fact a clever device constructed around a metal frame, rollers and magnetic or fluid filled discs that let you clamp your back bicycle wheel in place, turning it into an in-door exercise bike. They come with various options, resistance settings, electronic read-outs, DVDs and PC connections that let you virtually scale the Alps from the comfort of your front room/ garage/ shed. Seems a cunning ruse to avoid the Scottish weather, city traffic, the dark and other excuses for not doing ‘proper’ cycling at all during the week when its just not the weather for it and you don’t fancy playing with the rush-hour traffic for a post-work cycle.

So, my question for those that have such devices, which seem to range in price from £100 to whatever you are willing to pay, is it worth getting one, or should I just wait for the weather to improve?

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  1. A toughie. I am in the same boat as you. To turbo or not. Those who have them say that they are darn boring. Get through February and what use would you get from it this year? Who knows. I have certainly vowed that I will get one (last year and this). Might just put it off for another year, but then, I’m getting good practice on the road commuting.

  2. I have one and have ditched it in preference of an evening ride on the days when it’s too frosty in the morning.

    I noticed in cycling plus that there is now a turbo where the back wheel is not totally fixed so is meant to be a more realistic ride.

    Still not sure it won’t be boring though.

  3. I’ve got the space to stick the bike right in front of the lounge TV, so the boredom factor might be avoided – some of the trainers come with DVDs that let you ‘race’ other cyclists, but not sure whether the “immersion” will work – some reviews I’ve read say “its like you are there” which is probably utter tosh, but might be enough to make it tolerable.

  4. Been on the turbo the last two nights. I reaaly despise it, even when watching TV. Although I was watching the highlights of the Tour of Quatar last night which was a little better. Not much though.

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