On Thursday I undertook a  toughish 5 and a half mile run into the wind and up the hill towards the Bowfield Country Club with a couple of  young whipper snapper pupils from school.  The run went well (i.e. this old guy managed to keep ahead of the young dudes).  Afterwards I jumped on the bike and headed home.

The commute home is a nice flat and generally car free route, apart from the first mile and a half and the last mle and a half.  The start is a bit of a pain with a bundle of traffic lights on slopes and some poor road surfaces.  Never mind.  I got myself to the last set of lights and only had the last poor road surface to deal with and then I would have some lovely roads with big wind at my back.  And then it happened.  Bump.  Struck by a car.  Fortunately, there was no damage.  I think the car’s mirror hit my elbow and I managed to stay on the bike, but caramba, what a shock you get.  My wee mate Jim only started back at work this week after 3 months off with a broken hip when he too had a bump with a car.  He still looks far from back to his best (hmmm, how did I manage to write that having told him how great he’s looking)?

Anyway, the lady in the car did pull over and looked quite shaken herself.  I kept my best behaviour and informed her that I was OK, but please, please give me some room.  A car’s width rather than a tyre’s (bike) width.

It’s tough being a cyclist.  Give us just a little bit more room folks.

Thank you.

About myjhigh

I am the skipper of the "Do It For Dee" LEJOG team. Others may tell you this is not true. But it is so. The captain on the road, the inspiration of all.

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