Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

Team Kit, New Shiny and Thinking Next Phase

After a looooong time of designing kits, voting for favoured choices, acquiring sponsors, redesigning kit and working backwards and forwards with Owayo to make sure that the design was just to the required specifications, the order was placed (5 final orders made).  Of course, after the 5th final order, Sammy said that his kit size as ordered was wrong.  Oh dear, too late to change.  We shall have to wait and see (but I think the big chap will be fine, because he’s not the big chap he used to be).

Anyway – it’s here!  And it’s belting.  I’m impressed anyway.  We’ll have to to see what the rest of the team think once they collect their goods.  Hopefully, all of our sponsors will be impressed with their product placement.

Of course, there is no point in having a nice new kit and finding that it doesn’t match your bike – so I simply had to go and get a new shiny.  Check out the new Trek 3.5.  Wonderful reviews received for the 2012 incarnation of this bike and I can’t wait to hit the roads with it in earnest.

So we’ve got the kit, we’ve got the bikes (4 new purchases since the turn of the year), and training is coming along also.  The route is decided, accommodation is booked, all travel arrangements are in the bag.  The next thing to do is to begin to focus on starting to reach out to hit the fund raising target that the team has set as a fitting momento to the memory of wee Dee.

If you’re reading this, why not have a look at out Remembering Dee page and see the girl we’re doing it for (Ian will get you the password – don’t be shy to ask).  Then, maybe have a look at the Donate page and make a donation, no matter how large or small, to show support for our 2 wonderful charities who need all the help they can get to continue the excellent work that they do.