Daily Archives: March 28, 2012

Tubby is a Big Beast

As we move into British summertime, the team are all getting serious about team training and getting in as many group rides as possible.

Aye right.  Me and my boy Tubs today, and that’s your whack.  Big Sam on his 3rd holiday of the year and the G Train in Stirling for a fly little duathlon that he set up (would have been more than tempted by that myself).  The rest of the chaps blanked my weekly text,b ut it was good to hear that 2 of them got a good ride in on Saturday.

Speaking of Saturday, I had a 15 km run with a group of pupils in Beecraigs country park near Linlithgow as part of their World Check out the nick of that old guyChallenge training and sponsorship raising.  The group had their own way of getting around the course (mainly they opted for the 10 km route) but myself and young Marshy led the way admirably.  By the finale we were 20 mins clear of the next runner.  A final devastating sprint by the youngster left me for dust.  Little rascal ate all my energy chews and stuck on my shoulder from first to last before blowing me away – and I’ll hear all about it next week.  Anyway, the cross country course was pretty tough with 3 good hills that had to be negotiated 3 times each.  Left me feeling pretty bushed in advance of the Sunday 60 miler.

And so to Sunday.  Up just before 5.30 in old money and hooked up with the Tubster at the Kirkhouse just  before 8 (in new money).

First day out for the CerveloSummer is clearly here as Tubby had the good bike out and his shorts on.  However, it was pretty baltic as we headed out in the mist on the ‘easy’ 16 miles to Aberfoyle.  Clearly, a cracking day was on the cards whenever the sun managed to burst through.

From the very beginning I knew it was going to be a tough day for me.  Tired in body and mind, I was seeing hils on the way to Aberfoyle that I’ve never noticed before.  Come the Dukes Pass and Tubby pushed ahead of me.  Caramba.  I did manage to push on a little and together we crested the top of the hill to some beautiful scenery and a pretty cool inversion with the sun shining in the sky.  Smashing.

Now to head to Callendar and Tubby is complaining that I’m costing him a good average.  SO I tell him to get up top and stay there – I’m coasting the last 30 behind him.  The wee fella did a great job cosying me along until Kippen where suddenly my legs decided to wake up a little, and a rise I had been dreading was actually rather nice.

Only the Crow Road to go and the last burst to Strathblane.  I fairly belted up the Crow Road with Tubs conserving some energy after his sterling efforts from earlier.  We kept a good pace on the last 5 to Strathblane as Tubs wanted to preserve his 17 mph average.  This he duly did, with his final average being 17.1 mph – 2 mph faster than usual.  Mighty impressive.  Say what you want about EPO abuse.  Tubs is proof that come March, and his chemicals arrive, the results go through the roof.  As tired as I felt, my average ended up 17.3 mph.  Only 0.1 mph slower than last time, when Gio and myself blazed home from Callendar turning some fast pedals.

A tough day for me, and I owe the Tubby lad a debt of gratitude.  Thanks for the wheel fella, and a great ride.