Daily Archives: June 29, 2012

Dress Down for Dee

Where I work at Lloyds Banking Group we have a dress down day each Friday in our building to collect money for charity. The allocation of the days goes fast at the start of each year but I managed to secure the last Friday before school holidays which seemed like a good option. I persuaded a couple of my colleagues, Derek and Paula to help me rattle the tins at the front door. On top of this I had also arranged a few home bakers to produce some wares to be sold in the staff canteen at morning coffee time.

Derek and I with our collection buckets.

In total we collected a healthy £630 over the course of the day which I have split equally between the two charities. Derek and Paula have also agreed to use their LBG Matched Giving which will double the total raised to £1260.

The Baking Sale

Thanks to my collection team of Derek and Paula as well as the bakers; Julie Cush, Paula (again), Kate Ramsay (cupcake genius), Martin Donnelly (and wife) and Turbine.