Waxing, Shaving, Cream

The big date for departure for LEJOG is fast looming.  At last the serious questions are being asked as some of the chaps get their heads on for this momentous trip.  Questions that should have been asked a long time ago – are we getting our legs shaved or waxed?

As a cyclist it is imperative to be hair free in the legs region.  You save valuable time as you cut down on wind resistance and it makes it much easier to address cuts and scrapes if you come off the bike.

Of course, these reasons are hogwash.  The pros do it because, well, you just do it don’t you?  Twas ever thus.  The rest of us do it (except most of our crew have never done it) because the pros do it – and if it’s good enough for them etc. etc.

So the real reasons why it is done are not completely clear.  The one thing that can be said for sure is that is NOT done in any way out of vanity.  No way.  No one is doing it thinking “gosh, don’t my legs look good?  Aren’t my muscles well defined?  Don’t they feel lovely and smooth”?

Anyway, our LEJOG crew have decided to go hair-free.  All for one and one for all.  We are now at the stage of contemplating exactly how that process should be carried out.  Wax, shave, hair removal cream?  We shall see.

Young Mark has a bit of form in the hair free game.  He’s an ironman, don’t ya know and all ironmen are hair free.  Mark has suggested the hair removal cream route, which is what he does.  Apparently, he’s a little stubbly at the moment but will address that soon.  I spoke to him yesterday and he said that he doesn’t actually like shaved legs.  Interestingly, he still shaves, although he also let it be known that he thought the stated reasons for shaving mentioned previously were hogwash.  And still he shaves.  Interesting indeed.

Gio is not convinced by the cream method.  he has in the past shaved – only once mind.  I loved his quote that he out in an email, “I will admit that 10yrs ago I did shave (was serious about beach volley in Cali-don’t make me say more)”.  SERIOUS ABOUT BEACH VOLLEY BALL????  Mull that one over.

Anyway, the G trains legs are looking seriously developed.  Yes, I look – and admire.  Consequently, when the waxing issue was broached, he jumped all over the idea – and then said “of course, I’m not bothered but in the interests of team harmony I’d be happy to go along with what you agree).  Personally, I think he’s for waxing.

Turbine was told by Mrs T under no circumstances was he to wax – he would not be able to stand the pain.  Which is a pity as he seriously fancied the full b, s and c.  Turbine has his power calves to show off.  He’s mustard keen to ‘get em off’ hair-wise.

Ian, Young Davo and Sammy are not saying much on the issue although Ian seems ready to lay himself at the mercy of the ladies at his work.  £10 a strip towards the charities?

Waxing, shaving, cream.  I decided to take one for the team – and used the cream.  The results are shown below.  As I write this, this is the current state of play.  The water is the shower is too cold to contemplate the 2nd leg.  So I’m going to go out now for a run and see if my right leg runs faster than the left.  At least I know I will be fast as I don’t want anyone seeing me in hairy/smooth transition stage.

Click the pic to see the full glory. Hope you’ve not just eaten.

So.  Wax, shaving, cream or au natural.  What do you think?  Comments please.

About myjhigh

I am the skipper of the "Do It For Dee" LEJOG team. Others may tell you this is not true. But it is so. The captain on the road, the inspiration of all.

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  1. As you are men, I’d say cream. I say this with the greatest of respect for a species that copes with pain as well as a chocolate teapot does with scalding liquids.

    I shall defuzz for my 5k on Sunday in a similar fashion in support 🙂

  2. I think you missed a bit just above the left knee! Apart from that looking good, are you sure you didn’t use a leg double! Good luck.

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