LEJOG – done



Its now the day after we completed our journey from the very bottom to the top of the country, which we rounded off with a small party in Aviemore with family and friends. The last day of cycling, 65 miles from Tongue to ‘JOG’ was a tough day, physically due to the many steep hills, and emotionally as we reached our target knowing that the one person we were doing this in memory of isn’t with us any more. I can’t really express how I felt as we reached the small post marking the end of our journey, but I think this sums it all up in some way:

Do it for Dee

Every turn of the crank, every push, every pull,
Every inch, every yard, every mile on the road,
Every second, every minute, every hour on the bike,
I’ll do it for Dee.

Every hill, every climb, all the work to the top,
Every straight, every turn, each bend in the road,
Every ache, all the pain, the hurt and the loss,
I’ll do it for Dee.

I can’t fail, or falter nor give up this ride.
I won’t quit or stop, nor forget why I’m here.
I’ll get to the end, no matter the cost.
I’ll do it for Dee.

Thank you all for reading, donating and keeping our spirits up. We all did it for Dee.


27th July – 4th August 2012. 9 days, 1000 miles.


Dedicated to the memory of Delia Catherine Thompson, nee McGivern.
17th June 1974 – 14th August 2011.
Our Wee Dee.
Sadly missed, never forgotten.

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  1. Well done to you all. Dee would have so very proud. You are all AMAZING 🙂

  2. You did an amazing thing in Dee’s name . We are so proud our daughter had such a great husband brothers and friends.Mark and Mary

  3. Hi guys congratulations on completing your ride. We finished on Friday after having a trouble free ride. We even had the luxury of a day off as found ourselves 2 days ahead of schedule!
    John & Cheryl, the tandem couple you waved off at Lands End.

    • Well done you two (we’re assuming you worked hard Cheryl and didn’t sit on the back and snooze). Great to hear you did the business. A pity we couldn’t stop for a chat way back when David saw us in town x (can’t remember where). Half the team had already shipped out so we had to press on. Hope you enjoyed the whole experience as much as we did, and wasn’t the weather generally a treat?
      Once again, chapeau!

  4. Congratulations! You are all amazing.

  5. Donna Armstrong

    Fantastic effort and I’m humbled by the love and unstinting effort displayed in the name of my neighbour, your wife, daughter, sister and friend. It’s easy to forget how precious life is, lets all remember that. Well Done Ian x

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