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the 10th member of team DIFD

the DIFD crew are a very team oriented bunch, so much so that even the van wants to feel like its a true part of the team. We can’t upset our poor little transit, so to stop it feeling left out, we’ve got a couple of these:


50p for scale

Nice DIFD door magnets. Now our hire van will be one of the gang sporting its very own version of the team kit. Awww.

mr van

the van, soon to be DIFD’er #10


10k and up

Wow! Today we exceeded our £10,000 fundraising target on, a week before we head off on the LEJOG cycle itself. We’re all amazed at the generosity shown by family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and even people we’ve met during training and events over the last several months.

As we’ve not even begun the cycle (yet – 9 days to go!), we’ve decided to up the target to £12,000. Knowing that every hill, each mile, all the hours we’ve put in throughout our training and soon the LEJOG itself has lead to such kind donations, makes it all worth it. Every little bit extra we raise will go towards helping those with epilepsy or brain tumours, as well as those around them. Both these conditions have such an impact on those who have them.  I know our efforts and yours will make such a positive difference in their lives.

Thank you all for giving to the charities we chose to support in memory of Dee.


Race Night update

The final money from the DIFD Race Night last month has now been added to our justgiving site – a grand total of £3,403 was raised. We are overwhelmed by the generosity of friends, family and neighbours. Again, thank you all.

DIFD Race Night

just a quick post to express our thanks to everyone who helped to plan, organise &  run the Race Night last night, donated & collected prizes, sold races, made sandwiches, cakes and all the other loverly grub, the volunteers and helpers at St. Brides who made us so welcome, and of course all the folk who came along and were so generous with their donations to our charities. Together we raised over £3,000 on the night (we’re still counting the last few pounds coming in!), which with the donations we’ve seen already, puts us well over the half way mark of our target £10k by the end of the LEJOG. I hope everyone had a good time!

This night was such a boost, helping us towards our goal of helping those with epilepsy and brain tumours in memory of Dee. It will spur us all on in our training.

Dee would be so embarrassed at all this “fuss”, but quietly proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Thank you all so much.