The original route

The original route… for historical interest.

This route lark is an easy thing.  Go on the Internet.  Search LEJOG in Google.  Find a route that has been uploaded to Bikeroutetoaster and you have a route.  Now relax until day 1 of the cycle.

Well, as of December 27th, we do have a route.  And it was arrived at in precisely the manner suggested above.  Let’s see how that route develops between now and July 27th 2012.  It has been said before.  It’s going to be emotional …..

All comments most gratefully received.

Day Mileage Start – End TCX File Comment
Day 1 117 m Land’s End – Okehampton lejog1.tcx Much of the route in England is a shot in the dark.
How are the roads?
Day 2 110 m Okehampton – Bristol lejog2.tcx Again, pretty unknown. A key concern would be how busy are the roads approaching Bristol?.
Day 3 144 m Bristol – Shrewsbury lejog3.tcx And as above. Why this way from A to B? Because someone chose it.
Day 4 117 m Shrewsbury – Lancaster lejog4.tcx
Day 5 117 m Lancaster – Moffat lejog5.tcx
Day 6 85 m Moffat – Helensburgh lejog6.tcx The Glasgow question. To venture home or not. Crieff? Arran?
Day 7 140 m Helensburgh – Fort Augustus lejog7.tcx Very happy with this route. 140 miles. Really?
Day 8 100 m Fort Augustus – Altnaharra lejog8.tcx Route fine. All been done. 85 miles. Really?
Day 9 75 m Fort Augustus – Altnaharra lejog9.tcx

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