The Route

THE Route

Our LEJOG route is finalised (for now).  Hundreds of hours have been amassed reading blogs, forums and soaking up the words of wisdom of legends such as Mick F.  Riding the route (all 976.51 miles) will be easier than planning it. Anyway, here are the 9 days of riding, it now feels like OUR route.  Please feel free to comment.

The DIFD 2012 LEJOG route
Day Mileage Start – End Toaster  link Comment
Day 1 – 27th July 100.75 m Land’s End – Okehampton  view Skirting around the bad A30 by going on the old A30.
Day 2 – 28th July 102.51 m Okehampton – Lower Langford  view Mick F says the A38 to Gloucester is ‘a joy’.  Nuff said?
Day 3 – 29th July 99.06 m Lower Langford – Ludlow  view Lower Langford?  Closest thing to a reference on map.
Hind legs of nowhere.
Day 4 – 30th July 139.38 m Ludlow – Lancaster  view
Day 5 – 31st July 115.66 m Lancaster – Lockerbie  view
Day 6 – 1st Aug 116.04 m Lockerbie – Balloch  view
Day 7 – 2nd Aug 134.47 m Balloch – Drumnadrochit  view
Day 8 – 3rd Aug 109.35 m Drumnadrochit – Tongue  view  tweaked on 25/7 to avoid A9
Day 9 – 4th Aug 64.35 m Tongue – John O’Groats  view  Keep it short.  Celebration in Inverness Aviemore
Days 1-9 981.13* m Land’s End – John O’Groats  view  The whole route in one toaster map.

*Toaster seems to have added ~5 miles to this when I joined them all together…

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  1. Just read the rout each day,need a lie down after only reading it,must be tuff but sure you’s will get there,all the best from steven and joe!!xx

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